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Sex, Celebrity And Perfume
Perfume and sex are synonymous. Perfume adverts pitch their products for their ability to attract the opposite sex. Fragrances are always advertised by the most perfectly beautiful creatures on the planet and sold with the image that we too could be that beautiful or attract someone that beautiful if only we were to purchase and wear the said perfume.
Nowadays there is not a single high profile celebrity that does not have their own perfume range. Such is the allure of celebrity that we all aspire to bed a movie star or a sports hero so they have become the faces of perfumes. A perfume that has been marketed well will choose a celebrity that encompasses sexuality and beauty and one that both the women would aspire to be and men would aspire to be with. Some of the best examples of this are as follows.
Kate Moss
Kate Moss is absolutely and undisputedly beautiful. Loved by women and men there are few people that can carry off a party loving life style yet still look great. Yet she also has the strange effect that despite her being lambasted in the press for living a rock and roll lifestyle she is still extremely popular. Indeed the association with rock star Pete Doherty and accusations of taking cocaine seem to have added to her popularity rather than taken from it.
Perhaps it is this idea that she is a free spirit that makes her such a popular icon for women and let’s face it she’s is, for men, the ideal woman. You can have a great night down the pub with her and she still looks great in the morning. She has lent her name, and incredible body, to a number of perfumes and is set to release more in the future.
Eva Mendes
It has recently been announced that Eva Mendes is set to put her face to a new fragrance developed by Calvin Klein. This Hollywood beauty was born in Florida but has a distinctly Latino look. She is one of those women that both men fancy and women appreciate her beauty.
There are very few women that wouldn’t like to look like her and despite being incredibly beautiful she does not suffer from the kind of bitter jealousy that some women target at other beautiful women. The Calvin Klein spokesperson said that, 'She embodies the sexy, provocative essence of the Calvin Klein brand and we are thrilled that she will be the newest iconic beauty to represent Calvin Klein Fragrances.'
Catherine Zeta Jones
The welsh beauty is a favourite with both men and women. She released a perfume in 2007 called Provocative Woman. She is another example of an incredibly beautiful and talented woman that women want to be and men want to be with. She has put her face to numerous cosmetic products that include hair care lotions, sun care products and deodorants. She has two children and is a great inspirational model for mums and as a result represents a great choice for the marketing men.
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