The Big Adsense Secret Revealed

The Big Adsense Secret Revealed
Posted by Rich Ben
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by Rich Benvin
What is AdSense? **Can I earn a large amount of money with it? These are common questions people ask when they encounter the word AdSense. And here’s the answer to those questions. AdSense is an advertising program created by Google. How does it work? Let’s say that you have a website about Maltese dogs. When you enroll for an AdSense account, they place ads on your website that are relevant to the content on your website. **Ads can be about training Maltese dogs, products for pet dogs, and so on. And when a visitor to your site clicks on these ads, you earn money. That’s basically how AdSense works. Neat, huh?

AdSense is both appealing and easy, and it essentially means that your website will start making money on its own - you don’t have to do anything. Just let the ads run and you get to cash the checks. But for many people, sometimes these checks are hardly anything to write home about. Perhaps they earn a couple of hundred every few months but that’s it. And yet there are a number of other people who are earning anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 every month with AdSense. What’s the secret? Why is it that some people are earning a pittance with AdSense and others are getting big bucks?

The Big Secret: The secret to AdSense is that there is no real secret - these people just have a keener sense of how AdSense works. Let’s break it down to basics - AdSense works on keywords. Some keywords are worth only one cent while other keywords can bring in nearly twenty dollars per click. High-end keywords would be those that are used the most often in search engines, like travel, diet or credit repair. Naturally, the more high-paying keywords you have in your website, the more money you’ll make, correct?

Another thing to consider is the amount of visitors who will click those ads. You have to get those visitors to your website so they can view your content and those ads. So do your best to make your website look interesting, fill your space with content that is in relation to the ads you wish to run on your site, and sit back to see your profits grow!

Content and writing for AdSense keywords for your own site can be quite time-consuming. So you can either hire someone to write it for you, or post copyrighted content collected from other resources.
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