Lingerie Buying Tips For The Modern Man

Lingerie Buying Tips For The Modern Man

By: Jason Mark Hulott

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Lingerie is a hard thing to buy. It's not just about getting the right size as with other clothing gifts. It's also about the fear of getting the wrong style. Or the wrong color. Or the wrong fabric. But there are a few lingerie buying tips that might help you to pick a lingerie gift worthy of your lady’s attention.

1. Not every woman wants erotic lingerie. Take a minute to think of what your loved one might want. Is she a tomboy? A girly girl? A power monger? It's not a good idea to buy flimsy, see-through, lacy lingerie for someone who can't stand to wear a skirt. Be aware. Don't buy what you want to see her in. Chances are it will end up sitting in her underwear drawer next to the old-fashioned granny panties.

2. If you let her show her personality, you might get to see a lot more. Don't buy a leopard print lingerie set if your lady likes to walk around the house in Mickey Mouse P.J.‘s. Definitely don't go leather unless you've seen her wild streak. Keep an inventory of the types of clothes she likes to wear. Does she prefer loose clothing? Try a nightgown or camisole, which are both loose-fitting. A chemise, a gown-style with spaghetti or halter straps, is another good choice. If she likes to squeeze into her clothes, something more form-fitting would be appropriate. She might like a Lycra teddy, for example. Or, a simple negligee with a tight-fitting addition, such as a garter or corset.

3. Depending on how long you've been with your lady, you may have an idea of what part/parts of her body she likes to flaunt. Or hide. If she has a small bust and isn't happy with it, consider styles that might make them appear larger. Don't get a padded bra. That tells her that you think her breasts are too small. If you plan to buy from a local store, talk to the salesperson. She will be able to give you some ideas.

4. Size matters. Of all the lingerie buying tips, this one is the most crucial. And the least obvious. Lingerie doesn't have mercy. If it's not sized right, it won't fit. To avoid making this mistake, simply ask her what size clothing she wears. Tell her you saw some clearance clothing downtown and wondered if they'd fit. If you don't feel comfortable asking her size, or don't want to lie, there's a solution. Look in her underwear drawer (very carefully, so as not to permanently disturb anything). Compare two or three pairs to get a consistent size. Then check the closet for shirt and top sizes. It is very important to get it right. If you buy a piece that is too big, she'll think you see her as fat. Too small, she'll be self-conscious of her size for all of eternity.

5. Picking the right color lingerie will get you brownie points. It's not just about knowing your lady's favorite color. It's about knowing what colors look good on her. Raid her closet again. Since most women innately know what colors suit them best, you'll find that one or two colors stand out. If your lady doesn't seem to have that sixth-sense, remember this: blondes have fun in pastels, brunettes stand out in strong, solid colors, and redheads run with earth tones. Still unsure? Go with the lingerie staples black, white, or crème.

6. Don't forget to think fabric. With so many choices now, there's no reason you should have to get silk or satin lingerie. Some women can't wear it. Silk holds in heat, and women who sweat a lot or get hot easily just won't be comfortable. Cotton or flannel lingerie is comfortable and skin-friendly.

While shopping for lingerie can be rather intimidating, these lingerie buying tips should give you the heads up on how to begin your search. Lingerie is a great gift that tells your lady you think she is attractive and sensual. Give her the perfect piece of lingerie and you'll find out just how sensual she is.

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