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Jewelry How To Buy Diamond And Sapphire Rings
Posted in the Jewelry category by Vicki Churchill on 2007-03-06

There are so many diamond and sapphire rings available today. Clear, blue, yellow, pink, black, classic or contemporary? If you do not know what you are looking for you can come unstuck and end up paying over the odds for an inferior ring.

This guide will help you spot the best diamond and sapphire rings at the keenest prices.

The best place to start is of course the web where you learn all about various styles and grades of diamond and sapphire rings. It is also worth paying a visit to your local jeweller for some face to face advise, where you can ask questions.

The main factors involved in determining the grade of a diamond are carat, clarity, cut and colour. These dynamics are also known as the four C's and all of them should be taken into account when considering buying a ring.

Some experts believe the colour of a diamond is the determining feature. Diamonds are graded on letter scale from D being a truly clear and colourless gem through to Z, which are light yellow in colour. In general the clearer the diamond the higher the value.

Clarity of the gem also plays a big part in shaping the beauty and value. Some diamond and sapphire rings have inclusions inside them or on the surface which are crystals or minerals embedded in them often untraceable to the naked eye. These flaws can detract from the brilliance of the diamond blocking the natural path of the light through the stone.

The cut of a diamond is also important. You will want your diamond rings to sparkle and they will only sparkle properly with the right cut. The cut can also make the diamond appear bigger and heavier. The most popular cuts are marquise, oval,pear princess, trillion, heart and emerald.

Finally, you must consider the weight of the diamond or the carat. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. One carat is equal to two hundred milligrams of weight. So naturally the heavier the diamond the more valuable it generally will be. However you must consider when buying diamond and sapphire rings all four factors as a clear and well-cut gemstone will fetch a higher monetary value than a poor cut one that has a higher carat weight.

Sapphires are generally thought to be blue in colour however they can be found in yellow, pink, purple green and orange due to small amount of iron, titanium and chromium found in the mineral known as corundum. It is a matter of taste but blue, green and pink are best suited for combinations of diamond and sapphire rings.

Diamond and sapphire rings make beautiful engagement rings and can cost as little as $300 however you can pay literally thousands for a truly beautiful cut and large cluster diamond and sapphires.

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