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Myth And Lore Colored Gemstones With Jewelry
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Myth and Lore – Colored Gemstones With Jewelry
by: Rajesh
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Since ancient times, the enchanting beauty and mysticism of gemstones has lured mankind. Gemstones are believed to possess life energy. Throughout the world, gemstones have been used to attract luck, love, wealth, stability, health, etc.

Different cultures across the world have associated gemstones to different mystical powers. Some cultures use gemstones for healing various ailments in the body whereas some cultures believe in the occult powers of gems. The mystical powers associated to gemstones can be broadly divided into the following categories:

Healing powers of gemstones
Astrological significance
Gemstones and the significance of their colors
Emotional and psychological impact of gemstones

Healing powers of gemstones

Several spiritual scriptures such as the Vedas have mentioned in detail the healing powers of gems. The Ayurveda in particular talks of the medicinal properties of gemstones. In ancient times medicines were made by crushing gemstones into powder (pishthi) or burning them to ashes (bhasma). Another method of preparing medicines with stones was placing gems in a solution of diluted alcohol and set in dark place for between twelve hours and seven days. The gemstones were then removed and the solution was used as medicine. Another school of thought talks of gemstones as containing electromagnetic energy that influences the electrochemical nature of the human organism.

Astrological significance

Gemstones have been used for influencing luck and fate across cultures since ages. According to an ancient Indian belief, each sign of the zodiac is ruled by a planet. Each planet has cosmic vibrations that are associated to the respective gemstones. Wearing a gemstone that has been astrologically recommended, the particular planet’s positive effect on the wearer can be increased because the gem acts as a filter that allows only positive vibrations to have influence.

Gemstones and the significance of their colors

Colors are believed to have a major influence on our lives. For instance the color painted on our walls, tends to have an emotional impact on us. It is believed that if a room has walls painted with loud, dark or bright colors, it will no doubt have a cheering effect on us but will result in disturbed sleep. Similarly the colors of gemstones also have an emotional impact on us. The gemstone colors associated to various planets are - Saturn - Black, indigo; Sun - Golden, dark yellow, orange;; Mars - Red; Mercury - Green; Jupiter - Yellow; Venus - Rainbow; Moon - White Rahu - Red, honey; Ketu - Purple.

Emotional and psychological impact of gemstones

Gemstones have been attributed to various beliefs throughout ages. Different cultures ascribe different traits to them. For example amethyst is considered the sobriety stone. It is believed that amethyst cures compulsive addictions and brings harmony in the wearer’s life.

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