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The Success Of Removed Tattoos
Written on April 24, 2008 – 6:06 am | by ElisaCruz |

A growing trend next to getting tattoos is removing them. With medical and skin laser technology ever increasing and growing, the laser tattoo removal field is becoming a large and effective professional option for those seeking to remove tattoos. It is important to know what removed tattoos can look like, the process of removal, and the overall expectations that one may keep in mind when considering the appearance and success rate of removed tattoos.

Depending on the size and colors used in a tattoo, removed tattoos can be permanently removed or just partially. After some laser treatments, a removed tattoo will lighten and fade and may disappear entirely. However, it may also leave behind a light etching of where the removed tattoo used to be. Also, it is important to remember that the body’s own immune system is what expels the tattoo ink. The laser that is used to remove the tattoo is not responsible for this part as it merely breaks up the ink so that the immune system can flush it out. So some removed tattoos may vary in appearance depending on the immune system’s response to the broken up ink lying under the skin.

The process that causes a removed tattoo involves the use of lasers which emit short bursts of light that are aimed that the tattoos color and pigment. The surrounding skin is spared and not hit by the high-frequency light. Once this is done, the treatments must continue according to the tattoo’s appearance. For a completely removed tattoo to result, the body will often have to respond favorably to the broken up tattoo ink and begin expelling it throughout the treatments. Over time, the goal is the have no mark at all and a completely removed tattoo is the goal. Yet for some tattoos that were put on within the last decade, with the types of inks used that are meant to be permanent, tattoos can be very difficult to completely remove.

What one may often notice is that where the tattoo used to be is an outlining of the tattoo remaining. This is particularly common is the type of ink used was the blue-black coloring or green, which can be some of the harder colors to remove. After each treatment, the tattoo removal specialist will have the patient follow a strict care system for removed tattoos. The skin is extremely sensitive to light and touch after treatments and must be covered and cared for in a certain way for optimum results. Likewise, the lasers that are used are very strong and essentially must damage the skin where the tattoo is to some degree for the treatment to work. It is like a sun burn that must be cared for and if it is not, the skin can scar and not heal in an aesthetically pleasing way. Laser tattoo removal is an excellent option for those who are seeking a way to rid themselves of tattoos and want the most advanced treatment available today.

Finding more information on the success of removed tattoos and to find a laser tattoo removal clinic in your area is just a click away.

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