7 Al Mu Min Giver Of Peace

7. Al Mu Min الْمُؤْمِنُ Giver Of Peace

He is he illuminator of the light of faith in hearts. He is the Comforter, the Protector of the ones who take refuge in Him.

Whoever says this Name 630 times in times of fear, Allah will protect him from all calamities, mishaps and losses. If anoyone writes it (on paper or by engraving it on a silver ring) and keeps it with hiim (as ta’weez), his physical and spiritual safety will remain the responsibility of Allah.

8. Al Muhaymin The Giver Of Protection

He is the Protector and the Guardian. He is the One who sees to the growth of His creation, leading them where they are destined to go.

Anyone who offers 2 rakaat salaah after ghusl and reads with sincerity this Ism 100 times, Allah will purify him physically as well as spiritually. Also, Allah will acquaint one with the unseen if one reads it 115 times.

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