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10 Basic Thumb Rules Successful Seo Campaign
Successful SEO Campaign - 10 Basic Thumb Rules
By Shilpi C [ 09/04/2008 ]
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Search Engine Optimization is the stepping stone for developing Internet Marketing Strategies for any website. It lays the foundation for the success of web marketing and advertising for any entity. If you want to increase the online presence of your website, then SEO is the first step.

The basic performance of any successful SEO campaign can be measured by examining the ranking of the website in the Search Engine Result Pages or simply SERPs. SEO is an ever evolving and fast moving field. There are several techniques which can be followed to accomplish the task but the big challenge is to decide the techniques which should be adopted for any particular campaign to get the desired results. The best practice is to do proper planning before proceeding with the SEO process and adopt a combination of the most suitable techniques which depends entirely on the website theme and goals. The success depends upon how intelligently you use that technique.

The new and evolving trends are always good to try and experiment but don’t forget to implement the basics of SEO. There are 10 basic thumb rules, which, according to me should always be followed to create a solid foundation. These are:

1. Unique Titles and Meta Tags: All the pages should contain unique and descriptive titles and meta tags.

2. Original Content: There is a proverb which is very famous in SEO fraternity that content is king. So always put unique, high quality and informative content on your website.

3. Quality Link Backs: Get quality back links for your website. Don’t run for junk, high in quantity links.

4. Ethical Approach: Don’t try to fool the Search Engines. Always adopt the ethical approach to optimize your website. It may take some time to show in the SERPs, but believe me the results will be long lasting.

5. Website Architecture: Have a proper architecture and navigation for your website. It helps the Search Engine spiders to do deep crawling of the site.

6. No Unnecessary Code: Remove all the junk or unnecessary code from the site. Make it a neat and clean website.

7. XML Sitemaps: Always create and submit xml sitemaps at regular intervals for proper indexing of the website.

8. No Broken Links: Check and remove all the broken or not found links from your website at regular intervals.

9. Regular Updations: Search engines love the websites which have something new to offer to the visitors. They do not like dead sites. Update your website regularly with fresh and original content.

10. Be Consistent: Consistency is the key to success. So keep on working on your SEO project to reap the benefits.

The 10 points mentioned above are the basic SEO ranking factors and if followed with proper planning, show the sure shot success path to a successful SEO campaign.

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The author is the Internet Marketing Manager of a multi-national firm with offices in UK and India. She maintains a Blog e-marketing-strategies.blogspot.com on Internet Marketing Strategies to share her experiences and discuss the latest trends and techniques in the field.

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