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10 Things To Remember When You Approach A Woman
March 20, 2008
Filed under: Dating Tips, Confidence Tips, Approaching Women By Marius Panzarella
Here are 10 things to remember when you approach a woman:

1) Have a smile on your face. Not a nervous smile, but a
confident, charming smile. Have the smile even if the
woman is not looking at you. Having a genuine smile will
help give you more confidence as well as create a
good first impression.

2) Make eye contact if possible. It’s not always possible,
but when possible, do it.

3) Open up your body language. Think high and wide. Imagine
a string holding your head up at the top of your head.

4) Walk over casually. A mistake I see all the time is that
guys often walk too fast when they approach women. They
wait 10 minutes to get the courage to approach, and when
they finally do, they walk there quickly. This actually
raises the internal alarm in a woman’s mind. A casual
walk there is much better as it will make her feel more
at ease with you.

5) Be away of personal space. Make sure you don’t get too
close and invade her personal space at the beginning.

6) Don’t try to “act smooth.” In my experience, a lot
of guys actually put on an “act” as a way to protect
their inner ego. This way when they get rejected,
they can feel like the woman has rejected their “act”
instead of their actual selves. I know it takes a lot
more courage to be genuine, but really, while putting
on an act may help protect your ego in the short run,
it will damage your success in the long run.

7) Try to match her energy level. Make sure your energy
level is not too low or too high relative to hers.
If a woman has high energy, approach with low energy
and you will seem boring. If a woman has low energy and
you have too much energy when you approach, you will
make her feel alarmed.

8) If you’re approaching a woman who is with friends,
approach the whole group rather than her. If you
approach her alone, her friends will give you

9) If you have no idea what to say, think about what
you would say if you were just chatting up a random
stranger and to get his or her attention. The point
of an opener is to start a conversation, and that’s it.
Don’t worry about creating attraction, etc. That comes

10) Remember that you’re just trying to make friends.
Let go of your expectations and have fun. That’s the most
important thing to remember!

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Marius Panzarella

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