10 Ways To Select The Best Fancy Dress Supplier

10 ways to select the best fancy dress supplier
By Ian Roberts
considering the right supplier for your outfit is important as choice and quality are key.
On the internet there has been an influx of websites supplying fancy dress costumes and accessories but many of these websites are not offering quality as much as an important factor as they should and this sometimes results in the fancy dress costume only lasting a few hours and this then result in children being disappointed.
Here is some useful tips for consideration when buying fancy dress costumes:
1. Look at buying from websites that offer money back guarantees of 14 days or more.
2. Buy fancy dress costumes from websites that offer good levels of payment security or google checkout.
3. Websites that offer massive choice of costumes are likely to be more serious players.
4. Companies that seem to be offering goods that are really cheap could indicate that quality has been compromised for price.
5. Check out if the company supplies fancy dress accessories as this can also indicate if the supplier is a specialist or just supplying product as a secondary line.
6. Does THE supplier have a customer services telephone number as this is important if you get a problem then at least you can call the supplier to get a resolution.
7. Are the images good quality and consistent? Having a good quality image of the fancy dress outfit at least you see what you are buying and it is unlikely a supplier would photograph a good quality costume and then supply a lesser quality.
8. The description of the products should be clear and precise and indicate sizes and styles in detail.
9. Ensure a larger size is not going to be charged a higher price in the checkout.
10. Feeling comfortable with customer information like about us, returns policy and contact details as this will indicate the supplier cares about his products and customers alike.
Even though this is not an exhaustive list of do’s and don’ts on buying fancy dress costumes and accessories at least you have some pointers on ensuring you buy correctly!

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